Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Being Happy and Productive

Recently, I have noticed a slightly disturbing trend when it comes to productivity. It seems as though when you look for websites or on forums for productivity information, they tend to make you feel bad and motivated at the same time. Let me explain exactly what I mean. You will go to your favorite forum or blog and start reading about ways that you can become more productive. Then, inevitably, you may post a comment or ask a question about habits you have or how you can do something. Then, also inevitably, someone will chastise you for something.

In a number of places (almost all of them, in fact) you can find great advice on how to be more productive or get more accomplished. The problem is, they make it seem as though you need to be productive twenty four hours a day or your life is a bust. More than once I have seen people suggest that watching television or playing videogames is a waste and will destroy productivity. I would put this idea forth: why are those things inherently destroying productivity? Let's say you have a stable relationship, lots of friends, and a good job. You love to watch TV and you love to play videogames. You are happy, but you think you should be more productive. So you go onto the forums or sites and read. A lot of what you find will tell you what a waste of time TV and videogames are. It will tell you to be productive. Try to find ways to make money. Go spend money with your friends ("be more social"). Write. Do anything. Just don't play videogames or watch TV. So you start to wonder: "Am I doing it wrong? Whats wrong with me?"

My question is this: What is wrong with videogames and TV? Why can't you be productive and still have those things in your life? I think you can. If you enjoy them, then don't stop. Don't let others tell you how to live your own life. Take productivity advice with your own life in mind. Take little steps to be more productive and, when you have reached a point where you are content, stop. Nothing is wrong with doing things you enjoy while you are trying to be productive. Everything is good in moderation.

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