About Me

I am Alex Maness, graduate student at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia studying biotechnology. I recently realized that I was, to a degree, squandering a lot of my time and creativity by sitting around doing nothing (or, to put it better; doing nothing useful). With that in mind I set out to change things for the better and, hopefully, to help you guys change something for the better as well. In an effort to further that idea, I created this blog. I don't however, like the idea of my blog being a prototypical blog that gets lumped in as some sort of self-help situation. I would much rather you guys take it for what it is. Me talking about stuff I like to talk about or that I am up to (and perhaps blueprinting some of it if I think it will prove useful to somebody else) and putting my own spin on things.

Contact Information is as follows

Email: todaysimply@gmail.com